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Acne Scarring

You have cleared your acne but are now left with stubborn scars. No need to worry, we are here to help you improve the look of your skin so you can be skin confident.


How We Treat Acne Scarring At Our Clinic

Acne Scarring can not only effect our skin but can also have an impact on our self confidence. Our skincare specialists are ready to help you erase your scars and help you gain healthy, radiant skin.

When treating acne scars our goal is to:


- Increase Collagen + Elastin Production 

- Brighten Uneven Skin Tone 

- Increase Cell Regeneration

- Improve Skin Texture

- Increase And Maintain Healthy Hydration Levels

Our customised treatments include one or more of 

the following:

- Fruit Acid Peels 

- Ultrasonic Extractions

- LED Light Therapy

- Microneedling

- Cryotherapy



Acne Scarring

Treating acne scarring is unique to each client and requires a combination of professional treatments and an effective skincare routine in order to receive maximum results. Even with just one treatment, you can see improvements in your skin.

Initial Investment 


€159 Treatment + €30 Trial Set of Products

*Clients typically see improvements after just 2-3 visits and the use of our recommended skincare routine.


Let's Achieve
Healthy Skin Together

At your first appointment we will do the following:

Perform a thorough skin analysis as well as discuss your skin's history, lifestyle and educate you on how to take care of your skin at home so that you can reach your goals.

Perform a customised facial treatment that helps restore skin's appearance.

Provide a welcome package that explains your customised skin health treatment plan and a trial set of skincare products (€30 value) to prepare skin for following treatments and maintain treatment results.

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We are dedicated to providing an industry leading experience to help our clients transform their skin and restore confidence.

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