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New Client Concierge

We offer a wide array of individualized facial treatments to treat any skin type, from mild to advanced skin conditions. Whether seeking relief from dry, sensitive skin or addressing advanced issues like acne, pigmentation or aging, our skincare specialists can help you achieve your skin goals. 


A New Client Facial + Consultation is REQUIRED to get started on your healthy skin journey.



Your Skin Health Journey Starts Here

Using a combination of non-invasive skincare techniques and state of the art professional skincare products, we create results-driven treatment plans tailored to your specific skin type, lifestyle, and goals so you can achieve your healthiest skin possible. 


We are dedicated to partnering with clients who are ready and excited to invest in their skin from day one. If this sounds like you, our New Client Facial + Consultation is perfect for you!

Our New Client Facial + Consultation Includes:

- In Depth Skin Analysis By One Of Our Certified Skincare Specialists

- Individual Skin Health Treatment Plan

- Professional Treatment That Aligns With Your Skin Type + Goals

- Trial Set Of Products (30€ - 90€ Value) To Maintain Results + Prepare Your Skin For Following Treatments

Initial Investment starting at


Explore Our Premium Skin Treatments


Ultrasonic Extractions

Clear pores of debris and infuse skin with nourishing hydration

Professional Strength Peels

Target acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin and more


Improve pigmentation, wrinkles, acne scarring and large pores

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Achieve clear, hydrated and brighter

skin in an instant


Tighten, tone and calm skin for a healthy, radiant complexion

Led Light Therapy

Target redness, fine lines, acne and more.



Why Working With 

Us Is Different

Each treatment is tailored to you

We offer more than just a traditional facial - we create a customized skin health treatment plan based on your skin type, lifestyle and skin goals to help you achieve healthier, more radiant skin.

We use industry leading skincare

We only use professional skin care products that are based on years of research, plant-based and cruelty-free. Trusted by skincare professionals around the world.

We value long-term results

We believe that skin treatments shouldn't just be a quick fix or a whitewash for problems. Rather, we are concerned with promoting long-term and sustainable skin health by combining professional treatments and an effective skin care routine.

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About Our Story

We are dedicated to providing an industry leading experience to help our clients transform their skin and restore confidence.

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